Elijah’s (and Daddy’s) First Snowman Feb21


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Elijah’s (and Daddy’s) First Snowman

The kid’s were really excited about the absurd amounts of snow in Boston and insisted on playing in it. I fought them off most days, but there was a couple of cave ins. I’m a big fat softy. On one day the snow was perfect for the constructing of the snow people and ammo for The War of The Backyard. Frosty is a bit short and I guess those are feathers out of the head? No solid hat solution was found. The eyes and buttons were brought to you by grapes.

And because no blog post would be perfect without pictures of two cute kiddos here’s Jonas expressing hisĀ feminineĀ side.

This is where I would normally make broken promises about keeping the blog up to date, but I’ll spare you the lies.